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John Nolander Comedy Ventriloquist & Magician


Can I help you and your group close out the year on a high note?

While this is a perfectly fine
holiday audience...

We think you'd prefer this one...

Too often holiday events are awkward, uncomfortable, and forced.

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A holiday party is is a special opportunity for connection.

How would you feel if your holiday party was a true highlight of your year?

Working with us lifts the burden for you.  Here’s 45 minutes that you don’t need to even think about.  Here’s the 45 minutes that will help you create the gold standard for what you want your parties to be going forward. 

 Let's talk about your event!  We can help to assure that your event is memorable, fun, and the worthy of your guests.  If my act isn't what you're imagining, I can help find what you need with some of the creative and talented misfits who are in my network.  

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How to make your event a personalized, hilarious one they'll remember…

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