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Most event planners struggle with finding entertainment that won’t put their reputation or the success of their event at risk- that won’t get them fired, be offensive to guests, or leave audience members checking their watch in boredom.  So we offer something new- easy to work with unique, clean comedy entertainment…not business as usual.  


We listen carefully to determine your objectives for the event, and create a personalized entertainment package where the puppets interact with the audience, so they get the show thats perfect for them. We help people connect in new ways, build camaraderie, and have a hilarious experience, so you look excellent to your boss, and everybody will think you created the best event of the year.

How to make your event a personalized, hilarious one they'll remember...

  Just Click Here!! 5 Star Ratings:

"John Nolander did a fantastic job. I highly recommend him."
--Ford Demming, Green Valley, AZ Table Tennis Club

"Your audience will love John Nolander! Ours did.  Our shows are clean and our standards do not allow for anything crass crude, rude, profane or vulgar. John has always met those standards, shows up early and stays until the last patron wanting a photograph takes the snap shot. He is a crowd favorite and I can't imagine anybody not being pleased with his performances."
--Randy Jenkins, Producer, Marana & Vail Laughs 5 Star Ratings:

"He's one of the easiest performers I've had the privilege to work with." 
--Rod Robison, Mentalist

Magician Jeff McBride

John's mentor, teacher, and friend...Jeff McBride, Las Vegas Headliner

“The puppets were a hit interacting with the crowd!  Huge laughs!" — Stacy Schlotfeldt, Event Planner, Western Bank staff Christmas party


We provide an interactive, clean comedy experience!  Everyone gets to participate, laugh, be amazed and have fun together.  This is something your event guests can’t see anywhere else.  Something unique!  An exciting experience where people are connecting in new ways.  John Nolander knows how to bring the laughs by interacting with the crowd, so your audience becomes the star of the show.  And audiences are amazed, children talk about the show for years, objects are comically destroyed and restored, and the puppets hilariously interact with the audience. And his puppets have been known to perform their own magic with all of the ensuing hilarity!  John helps make events the talk of the season.

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